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Select Workstation if you are NOT using Process Lasso on a Windows Server OS. If you are unsure, choose Workstation.

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Process Lasso FREE vs Process Lasso PRO

The Pro build has many benefits over the free build. The table below lists the differences between the two builds.

FeatureProcess Lasso FreeProcess Lasso Pro
Persistent (Sticky) CPU priority classesYESYES
Persistent (Sticky) CPU affinitiesYESYES
Persistent (Sticky) CPU I/O prioritiesYESYES
Persistent (Sticky) Memory page prioritiesYESYES
Disallowed processesYESYES
ProBalance I/O restraintsYESYES
ProBalance CPU Affinity based restraintsYESYES
Energy Saver - Save energy without sacrificing PerformanceYESYES
Hyper-threaded core avoidanceYESYES
Temporary Keep AwakeYESYES
Foreground BoostingYESYES
Control Power ProfilesYESYES
Control CPU Core ParkingYESYES
Virtual Memory Trim AutomationYESYES
Automate Power ProfilesYES (partial)YES
Automate CPU Core ParkingYES (partial)YES
Application Power ProfilesTRIAL PERIOD ONLY*YES
Process Watchdog (memory and CPU limits)TRIAL PERIOD ONLY*YES
Instance count limitsTRIAL PERIOD ONLY*YES
Automatic gaming modeTRIAL PERIOD ONLY*YES
Anti-sleep processesTRIAL PERIOD ONLY*YES
Keep processes runningTRIAL PERIOD ONLY*YES
Core engine as serviceNOYES
TweakScheduler toolNOYES
MultiMedia Scheduler toolNOYES
Access to older versionsNOYES
Premium SupportNOYES
Everything elseMAYBEYES

*The trial period may vary, but is typically 7 to 30 days. For the Server Edition, the trial build is 30 days. Some nags may be shown sooner in some versions.
**Other unlisted features may also be disabled in the free build.

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All licenses cover both the 32-bit and 64-bit builds. You can switch between the two platforms at any time.

You will receive your Process Lasso Pro Activation Code via email, and have perpetual access to it in our Support area.

Please select the type of license you wish to purchase. If you use Process Lasso on a server (a Windows Server OS), please choose Server License. Otherwise, for use at home on a workstation (any non-server Windows OS), choose Workstation License.

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Electronic or physical delivery?

Order delivery is entirely electronic. You will receive an email containing information about a account at our Support area and your Activation Code. It is there you can download your licensed software and/or acquire activation codes (if applicable).

Why must I choose?

In order to provide users with affordable and appropriate licenses, we've divided our users into two types: Commercial and Home users. Home users are presented with appropriate options, such as an 'Entire Home' license bundle. The same goes for Commercial users, who are presented with various types of server and workstation licenses.

Your specific licensing options will be tailored to your use type.

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